Who we are

Supporting our associates as representatives for their rights


Founded in January 1997, ALFA was born as a sister organization of the Association of Customs Agents of Nuevo Laredo grouping Consolidating members who have freight forwarding and logsitics companies in the United States to represent their interests.


To comply and exceed the needs of our members in terms of their representation, defense of their rights, understanding and fulfillment of obligations. To promote maximum optimization of their human resources and tools. 


We channel foreign trade between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

As a sister organization of the AAA NL (Association of Customs Agents of Nuevo Laredo), which brings together members who have a forwarding company in Laredo, Texas to represent their interests in the United States.

It is important for ALFA that its members go one step ahead in all aspects that affect this profession, and continue on the path to achieve their main objective.

Our commitment is to satisfy the needs of our members, in terms of representation, defense of their rights, and to help them understand their obligations as business owners in the United States.

We thank all that have contributed, worked for, and supported the ALFA. It is our great hope that we can continue to do so.