In June 1997 Mexican Custom Agent Sergio Luján Ciprés founded ALFA in the City of Laredo. We are the representatives of legally established companies in the United States.

Since the beginning of 1998 ALFA has Worked on trade isssues in conjunction with the Census Bureau to eliminate the paper SED and to promote the use of the AES, thus creating its own system thinking about the needs of a forwarding company or Logistics, and according to the regulations and statutes that the Census requires. 

Desarrollo de Sistema Automatizado de Shippers

Due to the service that began to be offered to our partners, the AES, ALFA was recognized in 2000 with the prestigious Hammer Award, for its coordination and effort to improve the quality of export information through the promotion and use of the (AES) Automated Export System by its associates in the filling of the Shipper’s Export Declaration.

We recognize the efforts of those who have been fundamental in the success of our organization, the Customs Agents who have served as Presidents of our agency:

They, together with their Executive Committees, at the time have and continue to contribute to give shape and substance to the work of ALFA, for our partners and for the community.

ALFA is the subsidiary of the most important Association of Customs Agents in all of Mexico, that of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, a leader in providing profesional services, quality, technology and actions to preserve and increase the competitiveness of its partners.